[200q20v] FS: 282 BHP 3B ECUs from Europe

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Mon Dec 31 00:47:24 EST 2001

At 18:17 30/12/2001 -0500, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>At 10:51 PM +0100 12/30/01, Mihnea Cotet wrote:
>Who, please?  Names.  If the tuner is reputable, I'm sure they won't mind
>their name being mentioned.
Sorry, I don't know him personnaly, he's a belgian tuner....

>"1.4bar"?  Stock max pressure on the 3B is 1.8.  With the chip I have(IA
>III+), its over 2 bar.  1.4bar won't even get you 217hp, much less
>282.  Ah...i see...you're actually meaning 2.4bar.  All Audi displays
>measure boost absolute; please refer to pressures in absolute terms, not
>relative to atmospheric.

Yeah, 2.4 Bar, that's how we speak here using 1.4 Boost pressure which
means 2.4 Absolute....

>As for the stiffer wastegate spring, it should be removed immediately.  It
>is completely unnecessary on the 3B with a proper ECU, and dangerous to
>the health of the engine should you get a load of bad gas or should
>something malfunction.
As I said, the ECU puts out 282 HP alone, more with other add-ons....

>Complete garbage.  Cone filters do not provide smooth enough airflow for
>the MAF sensor, and K&N elements do not provide sufficient filtering.
Well, the new design twin-cone from K&N makes an ABT 260 HP ECU shut the
fuel pump off with the stock WG spring....actually it makes 0.2 Bar more
than a normal air filter...I'm not saying it's good or not, I just listed
the possibilities....

>You've been had.  Those kind of figures are -impossible- on flat terrain
>at the speeds you listed(hell, they're impossible at any speed.)  There
>are three possibilities:
>a)There's a signal from the ECU->trip computer that the trip computer uses
>to calculate fuel economy.  That signal has been tampered with
>intentionally or is the result of poor ECU programming on the part of this
>expert tuner.
>b)your friend's dash is set for the wrong country code and the units are
>not what you think
>c)the mileage shown to you was biased by grade level or a recent reset of
>the trip computer.  Approaching a local hill, if I reset the trip computer
>near the top, go down, go back up a slightly smaller hill and coast to a
>stop at the light, the trip computer will read something along what you
>described.  I also get much better gas mileage coming back from trips to
>upstate NY(where my elevation drops) than I do going the reverse.  True
>mileage on a trip is show by calculations that involve -both- directions
>of the trip.

None of the above...my calculations were wrong actually, the numbers that I
had announced were km/ gallons....that is to say that his car does 16 MPG
when driven full-time to the rev-limiter (my friend is crazy, I know that
:-> ) and 30 MPG at 90 mph....these are calculations made on basis of the
number of kilometers he does between two fill-ups, not the trip computer
ones (though they are pretty reliable too)
Antother example: when he goes on holiday in the south of France, he does
800 kms (500 miles) with 60 liters of fuel (15.8 gallons) which makes an
average of 7.5liters per 100 kms, translated into MPG this makes exactly
31.56 MPG at average speeds of 85-90 mph with top speeds of over 140 mph
but only occasionnaly...

>Oh...also, if this is a Coupe, not a '90 200q20v(you are in Europe, yes?)
>then mileage will be even worse than above; the UrQ has inferior
>aerodynamics at speed than the type 44.  Phil Payne has commented on this;
>among other things, it means a chipped type 44 will outpace a stock UrQ
>above normal highway speeds.

Actually his car is a 90q20v with the complete S2 (3B) engine and
drivetrain....and the 90q had a slightly better drag coefficient than the
200, 29 vs 30...

>If the tuner is claiming the mileage you listed above, then I suspect the
>authorities in your country would probably be very interested. Here in the
>US, it is called fraud.
That's not the tuner, it's me and my friend, all my apologies for the bad
liters/100 kms to MPG calculations but now the things are clarified

Sorry for the misunderstanding but I had to clarify this as I'm not used to
speaking in MPG terms and I wanted to ensure everyone that I'm not a Robert
Hack (TM) junior, nor will I make any profit of any ECUs sold...



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