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  Hey Audifans!

  I thought I could make you profit of a great deal one of my friends has had
  for the 3B ECUs...
  Actually, he has for sale 3B ECUs prepared by a reputable rally and world
  championship tuner...
  These ECUs make 282 HP with everything stock and can make a little over 310
  HP with the help of a stiffer wastegate spring (about 1.4 Bar boost)  and a
  twin-cone K&N airfilter...they have been declared "the most reliable and
  powerful for road use" by the tuner and my friend has been using one of
  these for almost 100.000 miles with absolutely no reliability problems.
  The greatest upside of these ECUs is that the fuel consumption is sensibly
  lowered to about 47 MPG in economical use (about 90 mph pace speed on
  highway) and about 25 MPG in extra-super abusive use....ain't that great???

  This is absolutely no MOTODYNE business, anyone interested in such a deal
  can contact me privately to work out an arrangement.

  Regards from Belgium,


  '85 -OOOO- Coupe quattro


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