[200q20v] FS: 282 BHP 3B ECUs from Europe

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Mon Dec 31 15:28:31 EST 2001

At 8:40 PM +0100 12/31/01, Mihnea Cotet wrote:
>>Yeah, not to mention the fact that the stock airbox is perfectly
>>fine for almost any HP levels people choose to run.  The claim that
>>the twin-cone filter yields "another .2 bar" means someone has been
>>inhaling the fumes from that spray can of K&N oil...
>Come on, Brett, my friend didn't inhale nor smoke anything when,
>after installing the twin cone filter, the ABT 260 HP ECU he had at
>the moment enabled the fuel pump shut-off when he was checking for
>max boost....

If you mean he clamped the wastegate control line, a)this was not
very smart and b)pretty much any Audi will overboost when this is
done, no fancy filters necessary.

K&Ns are almost completely unnecessary.  Among other things, take a
look at an RS2 airbox...it's smaller if not the same size as the
200q20v airbox...yet the RS2 runs about 120hp more.  Then there's the
whole price problem...it takes 8+ filter changes before the K&N makes
sense financially, and even that is debatable since you need to buy
cleaning supplies from k&n to clean/oil them.  Let's not even start
with the whole issue of reduced effectiveness in filtering.

If you mean he's regularly hitting the fuel pump cutoff when driving
the car hard, that's evidence of an improperly programmed ECU chip
mod, or mechanical problem.  The fuel-pump cutoff indicates something
is -drastically- wrong, enough that the ECU panicked and tried to
shut the engine down; only two things cause this; overrevving, and

   I'm guessing this is probably the wastegate modifications...that
means, among other things, that the turbo is completely out of
control of the ECU and the wastegate is doing nothing.

This is -extremely- dangerous and completely defeats the rather nice
knock-control system on the 3B/AAN/RRs...they went so far as to use
two knock sensors, which among other things, means you can safely,
for a short period of time, use 87 octane etc. in a pinch.

If he's messing with the wastegate, your friend needs to do some
reading up on how to tune the 20vt's and he needs to find a new tuner
to work with.  If he was aware of the dangers of wastegate mods but
decided it was cheaper than a properly done chip mod, I suggest he
look up the cost of a replacement 20vt engine and compare.  No
reputable tuner should even stock a spring for a 20vt
engine...wastegate modifications are completely unnecessary, even
with an RS2 turbo etc, people still use the same wastegate.  The ONLY
operations performed should be replacement of the seal if/when
necessary and adjustment according to the factory manual.

Oh, and if he disabled the fuel-pump cutoff, he's tempting fate even
more.  It serves two purposes...#1, shutting down the engine when
things get too out of control, RPM or boost wise...both can destroy
the engine, for obvious reasons.

   The second function is also related to RPM...above 25rpm, the FPR
is switched on; if RPMs drop below 25rpm, the ECU switches the FPR
off.  This is very important when, say, in the moments after a car
crash serious enough to stop the engine(and thus possibly sever a
fuel line), the fuel pump does not continue to run.

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