[200q20v] Re: K26 in a 91 200 20v?????? 2ND POST!!!!!!

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 5 17:36:01 EST 2001

YOu'll get a lot more lag.  Thats for sure.  I imagine Lag would
be close to an RS-2.  Maybe worse as the RS-2 uses a smaller
exhaust side than the 944t k26.  But, You should get better
efficiency at high boost and high RPM.  What PSI are you
running.  If your under 20 I'd stay with the k24.  I have a
couple friens running arount 26psi with k24's that have lasted
quite a while.  One is an S4, the other a 91' 200.   But they
are not efficient at all at that RPM and cant maintain 26psi for
very long.  Then they will drop to about 22 maybe.  So if your
under 20 I'd keep the k24 since it has little lag.  But if your
over and want more power then it may be good. But I'd spend the
money and get a proper turbo for the job.  The Turbonetics T3/T4
hybrid does a Wonderful job on the 20v (better than the RS-2)
and I would assume is great on the 10v as well.  Its under a
grand for a basic one and maybe $1500+ for one with the
spherical ceramic ball bearings. :-)   (Thats the one that
outperforms the RS-2, not sure about the normal one)
  Also, I'm not sure if the 944t unit will bolt up.  I think the
flange is the same but I remember there being a problem on the
10v's.  Something about the coolant passeges or the inlet and
outlet not linging up right.  But I think the inlet and outlet
problem can be fixed by loosening and turnign the turbo.  And
the coolant problem you have with the turbonetics as well.
 There ya go.  Thats all I know.  LEt me know what you do.  I
may be interested if your not.

--- Tim Sidders <tpsidders1 at netzero.net> wrote:
> Hi all 
> I have a friend that is selling his K26 turbo out of a 944
> turbo....I am considering buying it if I can install it in my
> 91 200 tq 20v. Is it a direct bolt on, and what type of gains
> could one expect to see. I already have the car chipped by SJM
> and a K&N, future plans are dual 3'' custom cat back exhaust
> and BIRA brake upgrade. This is my second post and my buddy is
> giving me a little heat. Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks 
> Tim 

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