[200q20v] RE: K26 in a 91 200 20v?????? 2ND POST!!!!!!

Kaklikian, Gary Gary.Kaklikian at compaq.com
Mon Feb 5 20:31:41 EST 2001

I looked at a 944 K26 a while back and it was not a direct bolt-on for the
MC 10v motor. I don't rember if it was the flanges, oil lines, coolant
lines, or what.  I believe the hot side was the same size (No. 8 ?) as the
Audi K26 fitted to the MC1, which is much larger than that on the K24 or RS2
turbo.  The lag would probably be terrible on the 20vt. Plus, I think you'd
want to upgrade to the RS2 exhaust manifold first. You should post this
question to the S-Car List as there is much knowledge on turbos for the 20v
I am using a 944S-spec compressor wheel, which is several sizes larger than
the Audi K26 wheel, in the K26 on my 10vt in my 4000Q.  With the short
gearing, lots of other upgrades (eg 944 intercooler, boost controller, etc.)
lag is not really an issue. On an otherwise stock 20vt, I don't think the
944 K26 would work well at all.
Gary Kaklikian
86 4ktq
92 S4

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Hi all 
I have a friend that is selling his K26 turbo out of a 944 turbo....I am
considering buying it if I can install it in my 91 200 tq 20v. Is it a
direct bolt on, and what type of gains could one expect to see. I already
have the car chipped by SJM and a K&N, future plans are dual 3'' custom cat
back exhaust and BIRA brake upgrade. This is my second post and my buddy is
giving me a little heat. Any help is appreciated.

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