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> >Fellow listers:
> >
> >Following up on a somewhat distant thread.......I recently picked up
> >containers of synthetic Pentosin 11S from Parts Connection (on sale --
$12 a
> >container!) and remembered that I'm still running the old nonsynth stuff.
> >Warnings on both containers proclaim boldly (Achtung!!!) not to mix the
> >but I seem to recall info from Scott's website that mixing the two was
> >acceptable (though I recall his preference for 11S).  Do I need to flush
> >system and fill with 11S if I start to run low or can I top off/mix old
> >the new stuff?  Does it matter?
> >
> The older (pre-1989) Audis had been using Pentosin 7, but they began
> to be "fed" Pentosin 11S by dealers after '89, since that is said to
> have been the _only_ Pentosin available at AoA dealers for the last
> decade. So, we all surmise that Audi believes the 11S fluid is
> "backwards compatible" with respect to systems using Pentosin
> 7--presumably without the need to drain/flush. If you buy that
> reasoning (and would Audi ever do anything harmful to your car?) it
> ought to be OK to start topping up with the 11S.  For reasons we
> don't exactly understand, it's presumably _not_ recommended to mix
> the 7 into a sytem that is nominally 11S. The reason for that might
> be as simple as recognizing that 11S can operate over a wider
> temperature range than 7, so no one should want to "degrade" the
> (low-temp?) temperature characteristics of their 11S system by adding
> any 7.  As I see it, these various mixing scenarios are not likely to
> be catastrophic or seriously harmful. But be sure to tell us if it
> is. ;-)
> Heck, at "only" $12/L, it wouldn't hurt to drain all that dirty old
> fluid, and get a fresh start--especially if what's in there right now
> is mainly Pentosin 7.  Be sure to try and clean out the reservoir's
> filter screen if you do that.
> If you change fluid now, you can blame any future problems on the new
> 11S. If you don't change, you can blame it on the 7.
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