[200q20v] VAG-COM and a 200q20v

Brett Dikeman brett at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net
Fri Feb 16 15:44:53 EST 2001

Just got back; all values make sense and are, surprisingly, right smack in
the middle of ranges given.  All seems well.  No stored codes save the
usual car-isn't-started code, which I cleared while the car was
running; no codes came back.

Once exception was Channel 7, which was at 57.  Bently lists it as "Idle
stabilizer characteristic curve control", an "internal calculation
value."  This is one of 4 values related to idle control; all seemed
within range, including operating range, characteristic curve zero point,
and load adaptation.

What does this mean?  Well, acceptable tolerances are 47-55.  Over 55,
"air leakage problem; determine cause." Under 47, "Idle stabilizer valve,
see repair group 24."  Great.  Juuust great.  Do I interpret "57" as being
"just a teeny bit over, that's a minor leak", or do I see that as "off the
deep end, big honkin' leak"?

I don't get it...nowhere near full boost according to the dash(maxxes at
1.5 bar indicated, no idea what that is with the chip, going boost-gauge
hunting soon) and mileage is in the can(13.5 mpg from work->apartment and 
back, over about a week), but everything seems normal save this one
internal calculation which is a little high.

All the usual suspects, like the O2 sensor, coolant temp sensor..they're
all fine. Channel 2, momentary engine load, was right on the money at 23
with all electrical consumers off.  According to the chart, that
-no air leak at throttle
-no deteached vacuum hoses
-fuel pressure regulator is okay
-crankcase breather is okay
-fuel tank ventilation is okay
-carbon canister valve is okay
-air mass sensor is okay

Hmm..I just realized I don't think I inspected channel 10(timing) very
closely; I think I just checked the range and it seemed fine.  I also
didn't do a "blip the throttle" check on channel 6 (idle stabilizer load

I guess the big question is, what does the wrong value on channel 7


On Fri, 16 Feb 2001, Rob Winchell wrote:

> Only Block 0 (10 values) is supported on our cars,
> which sucks. The values SHOULD make sense when
> compared to the values in the Bentley.
> Rob Winchell
> 200q20v
> --- Brett Dikeman <brett at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net>
> wrote:
> > Anyone have an experience putting the two together?
> > 
> > After taking 5 minutes to find a loose
> > connector(duh) I got it working, or
> > so I thought.
> > 
> > First off, I couldn't use measuring blocks.  000 is
> > disabled(it's
> > unregistered), but all the groups said "GROUP NOT
> > AVAIL" in the value
> > fields.  Er?
> > 
> > If y'all open your Bently manuals to Vol 1, D2-440,
> > you'll see a listing
> > of channels 1-10 and what they're supposed to be,
> > followed by lots of "if
> > it ain't in this range, your doinkus is fried" etc.
> > 
> > Now, I spent about 15 minutes with the car running
> > trying to figure out
> > just what the heck was going on; save engine
> > temperature(channel
> > 1) nothing seemed to match up to the range the
> > Bently said to expect with
> > the engine idling and all power-sucking devices off.
> >  WTF?  O2 sensor,
> > engine load, engine speed...I could blip the
> > throttle and none of them
> > change.  Joy.
> > 
> > I figured I'd see if any 200q20v owners had actually
> > used it, since Uwe
> > probably doesn't have a 200q20v handy nor much
> > experience with them.
> > 
> > Brett
> > 
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