[200q20v] Wheel Bearing for 1990 90Q 20v

John Clarke EdwardClarke at mail.gov.nf.ca
Sat Feb 17 13:24:39 EST 2001

Just received the front wheel bearing from Blau.  Nice kit (HK) but I have
 a question.  According to my sources (including www.thepartsconnection.com , 
the correct part number for 90's with the 20v is 893 498 625E, 893 498 625D 
is for 80's and 90's with either four cylinders or 10 valve fives.
 The 893 has been superceded by 4A0 and the number on the HK box 
reads 4A0 498 625, without a D or E suffix.  When I peeled back the sticker to 
reveal the 893 number below, the text also read Audi 80.  
Do I have the correct bearing?  I know that the best  way to tell is to just try it but 
I know that once I take the old bearing out, it will probably by useless to put back in.
 If it's the wrong one, I don't want to be stranded waiting for the correct bearing.  Any insight?  
Thanks, John.

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