[200q20v] Overheating issues

Phil & Judy Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue Feb 20 10:23:08 EST 2001

At 2:14 PM -0500 2/20/01, digital leopard wrote:
>Ok, I am frustrated and need some help.  Got the car back last week, 
>and yesterday got the overheating alarm driving home.  Looked out 
>the back, and sure enough, blowing steam.  Not a big deal, the upper 
>radiator hose blew off again.  Got it home, let it cool, added 
>coolant.  Now, get up today, and the overheat alarm goes off almost 
>as soon as I start it up.  No forseeable reason.  Turned it off 
>after making sure that the coolant is in the system.  Goes off 
>again, even though the actual temperature is ok.  Eventually it 
>turns off, but on the drive there, the temperature slowly gets over 
>the normal mark and it goes off again.  Evidently the fan is not 
>Any suggestions?  I mean, I love the car, I don't want to get rid of 
>it; but I have to have a reliable car; if I get a call from work, I 
>HAVE to get there.  If the car is overheating during the drive, it's 
>going to overheat.  So;
>Does anyone have any suggestions about the fan?  I'm going to check 
>the fuses when I get home, but that's the extent of my electrical 
>skills.  Anyone seen any problems with fans simply not working 
>before?  Has the heat killed it?  And;
>Is there anyone here in the Denver/Boulder area who wants to try and 
>help with this?  As I said, I don't have the requisite skills for 
>the electrical skills; I will be glad to provide (semi-unskilled) 
>assistance, parts, lunch, etc. as needed.  But I can't get the car 
>into the only good dealership in the area (Stammler) in less than 
>six weeks, and the car would be a low priority for them anyway.  So, 
>I need to go (network alarm) but can anyone help?  Thandks-
>Ron Merrell.

Did your (overheated) drive to work involve much stop 'n go, or very 
low-speed driving? If not, the radiator fan shouldn't be an issue 
(while driving) at this time of year--esp. in Colorado unless lots of 
steep uphill grades. The _big_  fan fuse to look at is the "fusible 
link" that's mounted in a special holder on the side of the inside 
fender--just aft of the fan. This link (fuse) is held by two large 
screws in a small black plastic "box" (normally has a lid).  If the 
link isn't melted (fused), then it's probably OK unless there's 
corrosion under the screws. Fan _should_ go on if the car sits idle 
for a few minutes. If blown, the link can be replaced for about $1 
(even from Audi dealer).

And, as Chris mentioned--you may merely need to work some air out of 
the coolant system to get it properly refilled.
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