[audi20v] Re: [200q20v] Overheating issues

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Tue Feb 20 13:03:39 EST 2001

hmm, here's my thinking...  Fuse on the fan went south, causing the head 
gasket to blow from overheat.  I hope Bernie is wrong, but I doubt it.  This 
is a common problem on the 91 20020vt.  In an effort to save the wiring 
(which got eaten on the 5ktq's when the fan seized), audi managed to do that 
at the expense of heads and gaskets.

Cool, hope everyone cks their fuses right now.

In a message dated 2/20/01 9:51:35 AM Central Standard Time, 
b.m.benz at prodigy.net writes:

> For your sake I hope that I'm wrong, but IMO, you may have major problems!
>  You said that the rad. hose blew off AGAIN, implying that it has blowen off
>  before and that maybe you reconnected it and tightened the hose clamp.  
>  With a known tight hose clamp, the only cause must be excessive coolent
>  pressure and with enough volume that the over pressure valve in the coolent
>  cap can't handle it.  You have a blown head gasket leaking into the coolent
>  system!  Get a compression check.
>  These engines are bullet proof!  The only thing than can blow the bottom 
>  is running without oil.  The only thing that blows the top end is running
>  without coolent.  If allowed to severely overheat, the head will warp and
>  the head gasket will blow.  If so, the head must be removed, disassembled
>  and planed flat.
>  Bernie

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