[200q20v] New owner questions.

Les Reid mrlesok at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 20 20:45:53 EST 2001

I plan to change all the gear lubricant on my new 20v
Should I go to Audi and buy it or is there a general
agreement for other options?
Sorry if this has been covered hundreds of times.

Anyone know a source for the crankcase breather hose
(other than dealer).  I currently have a temporary
hose I recently constructed.  

What about the d-rotor story, Rod at tpc told me there
was 2 types used and that the euro version is
considered better (but he is out), and blau sells the
US version.  Anyone know of another source?

One other thing, how important is the fire arrester in
the ccbh?

Les Reid

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