[200q20v] Steering Wheel Squeak

Dale McCormack dale at themccormacks.org
Fri Feb 23 16:49:56 EST 2001

Success!  My way, none of yours.  Mileage: 115K

Readers may recall my inquiry several weeks ago about an intermittant
steering wheel "squeaking noise" that occurred whenever my hands rested
on the wheel and it was turned any amount. There was a definate causal
relationship between hand weight on the wheel and the noise. Small or
large inputs would create a small, yet annoying noise.  

Lister suggestions included: 1) spraying lubricant between plastic parts
or 2) disassembly of the wheel from the hub for conductive lubricant
application on the horn ring.

The former didn't work and I tried something else.  My simple solution
has worked GREAT: get a full sheet of sandpaper.  Slide an edge of the
sandpaper sheet as far you can between the steering wheel hub and the
steering assembly (fixed to dashboard).  Turn steering wheel back and
forth to mildly abrade the plastic on the rear of the steering wheel
hub. Repeat on the other side of the steering wheel (right or left).
Whallah!  Silent steering.  Just the way God and Audi engineers wanted
it to be. 

91 200tq chip reccs anyone?
90 200tqw  lottsa mods, I'm done.

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