[200q20v] Hydraulic/PS Pump Help

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Feb 26 15:24:33 EST 2001

I replaced my 200q20v's hydraulic pump last summer.  It wasn't quite as 
easily disengaged as the one on my 5Ktq that I'd done the summer before, 
largely because there's more plumbing on the pump side of the engine in a 
20v than with the older turbo engines, but it's doable by a persistent 
individual of limited mechanical ability.    I think you'll find it easiest 
if you remove all the hoses, loosen the belt tensioner and take the pump 
and bracket off the engine.  I  don't believe you can get the pump off the 
bracket with the bracket on the engine.  I can't remember without digging 
into it, but I think there a difficult-to-reach bolt into the side of the 
tensioner assembly that needs to be loosened so you can back off the 
tensioner bolt visible from looking down at the driver's side of the 
bracket from above.  I rebuilt the 5K pump using a parts kit from Carlsen 
that was a bunch of O-rings.  Rebuilding basically means replacing the 
O-rings that seal the two halves of the pump together and the mushroom-cap 
tops around the front of the pump.  I was told there was no seal kit for 
the 200 pump, but when I had it out ready to return as a core for the 
rebuilt pump I bought, it sure looked exactly like the 5K pump.  I was in a 
hurry to prepare for a trip or I would have tried to get a 5K pump kit and 
attempted to use it on the 200's pump.

At 10:33 AM 02/26/2001 -0500, Hemberger, Chris wrote:

>Hello Audi colleagues!
>I have what appears to be a leaking steering pump and am attempting to
>remove/rebuild and need some help/advise:
>Any observations on removal?  Job seems easy enough until you dig into it
>and then seems impossible!  Bentley diagrams a much simpler bracket than
>what I have.  Mine looks like a cast aluminum pc which covers the
>forward-most line making it very difficult to remove.  This bracket appears
>to bolted to the pump body behind the drive pulley making on-vehicle
>disassembly very difficult.  Am I missing something or are there some
>'tricks-of-the-trade' I haven't stumbled onto?  Once unbolted, how difficult
>is it to remove the pulley?  Puller required?  ANY help/guidance/suggestions
>would be greatly appreciated....
>Also, anybody know of any reputable independent garages in central
>Connecticut??  I may just give in and have the work done; timing belt also
>which I thought I'd do while I have this much apart.  As usual - Thanks.
>Chris Hemberger
>Amston, CT
>91 200 Q, 20V
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