[200q20v] a/c update on 200q20v

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Thu Jul 12 15:27:39 EDT 2001


Here's the update on my 200q20v.  It has been charged with Autofrost for a
week, it has held the charge the entire time, and the A/C clutch does
engage BUT the cooling works intermittently.  One day it will blow cold,
one day cool, the next day warm, etc.  I'm not sure if the clutch
engages on those instances during which it's not blowing cold, but it was
engaged when it was blowing cold.  Does this help to identify what the
problem could be?  People have suggested so far a multifunction switch,
the compressor clutch, and to check belts, etc.  Belts are fine.

Could it still be the compressor clutch?  And how can I determine whether
or not the multifunction switch is the problem without buying another
one?  Any other suggestions?

'91 200q20v

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