[200q20v] Off-throttle kick

Edward J Kellock ekellock at juno.com
Wed Jun 6 21:12:03 EDT 2001

I've experienced this same kick in every type 44 turbo q I've owned.
I believe it is a characteristic of the power output of the engine and
the inherent slop in the extended drive train of the quattro system.

1987 5000cs tq with 75k miles
1991 200q 20v Avant with 65k miles
1989 200q with 140k miles

All kicked to varying degrees.

Colorado Springs

On Wed, 6 Jun 2001 09:34:47 -0600 "Joe Vanzeipel" <joe at choice1.com>
> Greetings listers,
> I replaced the turbo bypass valve a while ago in my 200q20v. 
> Replacing the
> worn valve stopped my stalling problem, and now my car makes the 
> cool
> "swoosh" sound when shifting. However, my car still has a "kick" 
> when I get
> off the throttle after cruising. If I were to hold the tach at 3k 
> and
> suddenly let off the accelerator (but not pressing in the clutch to 
> shift),
> the car will kick or buck. A simular thing happens when I mash the 
> throttle
> at low revs. The symptom is easily noticed in all the gears, with 
> 1st being
> the most and 5th being the least.
> I think this is a vacuum leak, but I am not sure. Has anyone have a 
> BTDT on
> this kind of thing before? Is there a very simple thing to do to 
> check a
> vacuum leak? I tried the dipstick pull out method described on SJM's 
> site
> and I didn't notice a change.
> Thanks,
> Joseph (200q20v "Vanessa" @ 112k)
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