[200q20v] Water drip on passenger foot

Arun Rao rao at pixar.com
Fri Jun 29 12:43:26 EDT 2001

David Priebe wrote:
>Then yesterday afternoon when I turned off the AC, after hearing
> the sound, my wife mentioned that water was dripping on her feet on the
> passenger side. Any suggestions or advice as to what this is?

One of those things that seems to happen to many of these cars.  Like
Chris said: there's a drain hose for the condensation from the air
conditioner (smack dab in the center of the car -- of course!) which may
be clogged.

That said, I've never succeeded in unclogging mine. My car's
equal-opportunity, though -- it splashes both the driver and the
passenger. It is just cold water, but it feels surprisingly unpleasant


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