[200q20v] Help! Heater Box Removal Question

Calliope calliope3 at starpower.net
Sun Mar 4 17:15:29 EST 2001

I've followed along on the Bentley, removed all wires, hoses and straps,
the center console, and the drivers side knee bar. When you are at the
end of the procedure, the Bentley says something vague like "remove all
mechanical connections between the body and the heater box".

Problem is, I don't see any. I presume I'm looking from the interior -
why else would I have removed the center console, but also  I see
absolutely nothing on the perimeter of the box from the top/engine side.

Do I have to remove ducts to see the screws or whatever? Which ones? How
about the vacuum servo motors, do they have to be disconnected from the
box? About how many screw/bolts are there. . None of this is mentioned
in the Bentley.

Meanwhile, I'm gainfully employed soldering new bulbs into my dash


Tom F.

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