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George Sidman sidman at montereynet.net
Wed Mar 7 11:30:37 EST 2001

Dale:     I believe this little project has a lot of
promise, and I am interested. Naturally, I can't help but
fiddle with the engineering, and have a couple of thoughts.
In the interests of keeping this simple, however, you may
want to ignore these ideas, and proceed as planned, in which
case I remain interested. 

1.	It seems to me that if the clearance is available between
the hood and strut, that making the neck of the nut about
one half inch longer, with a spacer, no notching would be
required of the washer or across the plenum. I will check
the space available and report ASAP.

2.	EMT is aluminum and not very strong, either in flexing or
resistance to crushing at the jam nut. I intend to use a
stronger steel tube, and weld the rod end at one end.
Insofar as Bernie's solution works only in compression, it
seems that getting a more positive grip at the adjustable
end would strengthen the installation in both compression
and tension, possibly reducing the metal fatigue which
appears to eventually introduce the crack. I will research
the parts to get a threaded adjustment which is
bi-directional positive. 

Fun Stuff, and probably a very good and inexpensive addition
to a well appreciated car.............
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