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>Looking for a source for the spade type bulbs used on the dash switches, 
>such as
>the ABS, rear defroster, rear fog, etc.  I looked at Radio Shack and could not
>find anything that came even close (I did however finally replace the 
>burnt out
>seat heater switch bulb, though).
>Any help appreciated.
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from the 20v.org page:

Other Dash Switch Bulbs
(John Cunningham, Mark Chang, Brent Henry)
The rest of the switches on the dash (besides the seat heater switches 
above) have a relatively simple design. The bulbs
can be replaced by following these general steps:

    1.Remove switch from dash by carefully prying out with a screwdriver on 
the top and bottom edges alternately. As
      you pry, the harness on the back of the switch may come loose. If 
not, just disconnect it once the switch is out.
      Gently prying off the switch cover, then GENTLY using a pair of 
needle nose pliers works great. There is not a lot
      of slack in the wiring harness. Brute force is strongly discouraged.
    2.If the front of the switch was not removed in the above step, pop it 
off with a small screwdriver.
    3.There will usually be two bulbs--one is the panel illumination light, 
the other is the 'activated' light for when the
      accessory is on. The bulb may be soldered in, or plugged in to a 
socket. If it's a socket-type, you can carefully
      grab the bulb with needlenose pliers or tweezers and pull them out. 
It might take a good tug, but the bulbs are
      amazingly stout, so don't worry too much about crushing them. If it's 
soldered in, you'll have to desolder the old
      one and solder in a new one.
    4.Replacement bulbs can probably be found at Radio Shack or possibly an 
auto parts store. Wagner 17037 Auto
      Indicator Bulbs are said to fit the sockets nicely, but may be 
brighter than the originals. Just push the new bulbs
      into the sockets and put it all back together. For soldered bulbs, 
the standard Radio Shack 12v - 60mA bulbs
      should work fine. When you try to reinstall it in the dash, you may 
find that there's no way to hold the harness in
      place to force the switch contacts into the harness. One option is to 
remove the radio, then hold the back of the
      harness in place with the short end of an Allen wrench while pushing 
the switch into place. Alternatively, you can
      remove an adjacent switch.

Instrument panel lights are:

>Now you have the unit out - the bulbs seem to be sourced only at your dealer
>(maybe a VW part as well)   they are Osram 2721 12v 1.2 watt  They ain't
>cheap get a bunch ahead and return what you don't need - that why you pay
>dealers excessive prices - they expect to provide you service.


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