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Mon Mar 19 16:53:04 EST 2001


at least in germany, the default wiring is fog lamps work do _not_ work
independent of the main headlamps. I _think_ there are regulatory
requirements to this.

IMHO it does make sense to have both turned on anyway. I find the lighting
better with both of the lights on.

My .02$


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Auftrag von Glen Powell
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Those discourteous alleged "drivers" that fail to reduce their forward
lighting to a max of two lamps total on low beam when in the presence of
oncoming traffic after a friendly and short 'blip' of the highs get the full
wrath of 560 Watts of relayed Halogen Eurolight forward power for their
indescretion. Perhaps 10% of them at best get it and dim. (fogs on in the
presecnce of fog excepted) Most don't know how to use the fogs anyhows and
leave the main headlamps on with the fogs pretty much defeating the value of
the fogs anyway. Many of the factories wire them up this way - fogs can only
werk with the main headlamps on! Oh well.... go figure... Re-wire them
correctly for control independent of the main headlamps - please!



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