[200q20v] Re: [s-cars] Big Reds (actually Blacks)

Claus Vegener vegener at post7.tele.dk
Tue Nov 6 23:28:44 EST 2001

Mov'it offer 322x32 mm and GT3 Monoblock calipers for
200q20V (and for bi turbo 993 kit)
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>     Nah the BIRA systems don't go down in the thickness they go up in the
> thickness.  In System 2 the locating pins must be ground down 1mm per side
> to make the clearance stock again.  There is no BIRA system that goes to
> smaller thickness in rotors, that would be rather dumb and dangerous.
> System 1 uses a rotor that is 1mm thicker than the standard Boxster rotor
> (24 vs. 25mm).  System 2 goes 2mm thicker and so on.  System 6, the top
> system, uses the Porsche disc and custom hats, personally I like that the
> best.  That uses a mix of components, Porsche 993tt/GT-3 322x32mm rotors and
> 996 Turbo monoblock calipers.  How big is the 996 Turbo rotor?  Are we
> saying the caliper shouldn't be used with rotors of different diameters?
>     I mean 2B, Mov'it, and so on use a 30mm thick rotor with the 993tt
> caliper which wants a 32mm rotor.  Those all seem to have a decent track
> record and never heard of any failures.  Though makes BIRA seem tastier:)
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