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> If anyone here has bought or sold their 200q20v in the
> last recent past (this year), or knows of any sales,
> and would be willing to share what they sold for or
> paid, could you please share that with me? I'm
> considering selling and want to come up with a fair
> price.
> You can send directly to me if you don't want the
> world to know.
> Thanks,
> Rob Winchell
> 200q20v

Rob, I bought my 91 Avant in San Francisco in July of 2000.  I paid 10k plus
$850 shipping to Minneapolis.  The car had 85k miles, is crystal silver with
black sports seats.  The car was in perfect condition, with all the usual <
100k maintenance done.  (radiator, vacuum hoses, PS pump & hoses, G-60
brakes, bomb,etc).

I now have 120k miles. And have replaced the struts with Bilstine HD's,
computer chip, tbv, 2000 S4 wheels with Bridgestone RE 950's, tinted windows,
black powder-coated roof racks.

I recently had someone follow me to my office (driving a 5000 Quattro) and
offer me 13k for my car. I politely declined to sell.

What's your next car going to be?

Good luck.

91 Avant

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