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Ian Gall bh10422 at binghamton.edu
Fri Nov 16 13:17:35 EST 2001

I recently purchased my 200q20 on Oct 25, and I paid 2300 for a pearl white
example with the black sport int, with only 71k original miles on her.  This
ofcourse I hear is fairly low for one of these model, however since the
owner ( owned originally by his father, gifted to him as a wedding present)
did not know what he had, he did not know what he was selling. unfortunately
he also did not know what proper maintenance was needed. in his 35k of
ownership, the car recieved minimal maintenance. in addition the bose system
was hacked up, cd changer removed, as with the cell phone. fittingly his now
ex wife also decided to hack up the driver's seat a bit. the body itself is
in perfect condition, and the engine runs incredibly well (except for a
random stalling? seems to come once in a while when I come off the gas) The
UFO's do not feel warped, however an ignorant monkey forgot a spacer and as
such the ABS system needs to be repaired. The car has been sitting as I'm
waiting for a WP and TB service.

Even though it needs work, I still feel that I got quite a steal on this

Ian Gall
Binghamton NY
91 200q20v
89 200q

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> > If anyone here has bought or sold their 200q20v in the
> > last recent past (this year), or knows of any sales,
> > and would be willing to share what they sold for or
> > paid, could you please share that with me? I'm
> > considering selling and want to come up with a fair
> > price.
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> > You can send directly to me if you don't want the
> > world to know.
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> > Thanks,
> > Rob Winchell
> > 200q20v
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> Rob, I bought my 91 Avant in San Francisco in July of 2000.  I paid 10k
> $850 shipping to Minneapolis.  The car had 85k miles, is crystal silver
> black sports seats.  The car was in perfect condition, with all the usual
> 100k maintenance done.  (radiator, vacuum hoses, PS pump & hoses, G-60
> brakes, bomb,etc).
> I now have 120k miles. And have replaced the struts with Bilstine HD's,
> computer chip, tbv, 2000 S4 wheels with Bridgestone RE 950's, tinted
> black powder-coated roof racks.
> I recently had someone follow me to my office (driving a 5000 Quattro) and
> offer me 13k for my car. I politely declined to sell.
> What's your next car going to be?
> Good luck.
> Pete
> 91 Avant
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