[200q20v] new 20v owner questions

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Fri Nov 16 12:24:09 EST 2001

ATF won't hurt the rack, but the pump may not like it.


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> Subject: [200q20v] new 20v owner questions
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> First off hello to the 20v list, and I'm looking forward to my experiences
> with the 20v list and the car itself. I know I've had my fun in my other
> Audi's.
> First off, I'm curious what problems have other owners run into that I should
> be aware of? I'm aware of the Bose situation, and that will be taken care of,
> but has Audi issued a recall? I'd like to know before I trash the whole
> system.
> Next question, is the use of any other power steering fluid besides pentosin
> detrimental to the life of the steering rack? because the previous owner
> decided to put some cheap fluid in. I hope its not as bad as I'm afraid of.
> Lastly, I'm curious what other 20v owners live in the Westchester NY area?
> Thanks,
> Ian Gall
> Binghamton NY
> 91 200q20v
> 89 200q
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