[200q20v] RE: Was RE new 20v owner questions, now RE Bose Stereo

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sat Nov 17 01:35:39 EST 2001

If you had a chance to listen to my stereo, you'd admit that there's
far more music than that crappy Bose system that is OEM.

The reason you hear all of the speakers is because Bose, in their
incomprehensibly stupid "acoustic engineering" decided not to use any
tweeters in their systems. That's why there are no highs to be heard
at all.  All of the heavy equalization and weird phase stuff that
they do further kills the sound.

If you talk to virtually any audiophile or home theater enthusiast,
you'll learn very quickly that Bose makes junk, very expensive
junk at that, but very good marketing and very slick-looking stuff.
Bang & Olufsen is marginally better, as it sounds better than Bose,
but horribly expensive for what it is. You want artistry with your
music, you go get a set of Martin-Logans, power it with some Krell
amplification and set that up with a nice front end. Now that's pretty.

I have to admit that Bose is getting better with the car audio stuff-
the current Bose systems in the Audis aren't that bad, at least they're
acceptable to listen to without a strong urge to rip out all of the
equipment out of the car. But the atrocious stuff that is called a
stereo system in the '91 200q is a poor excuse. My stereo upgrade is
very modest and it blows the OEM system out of the water. If I had been
a bit smarter, I could have done what Alexander van Gerbig did to his
90q and gotten a much better sounding system than what I have- his
Focal speakers (bought for a steal) and a/d/s amps with an Alpine
front end most likely will kill my Sony ES-Boston Acoustics-a/d/s
setup, although I haven't heard his particular system.

Now my priorities are probably different from yours- I set a budget on
my car audio, proceeded to do some homework on how best to upgrade my
system and then put together a pretty decent system on a low budget.
I'm sure I could have done better, but I used some existing equipment
along with some new stuff. I still need to fix powering up my antenna
amp along with doing a better job securing my amp, but that's really
icing on the cake.


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