[200q20v] No Cost Maintenance Reminder

Dale McCormack dale at themccormacks.org
Sat Nov 17 08:16:41 EST 2001

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With all the qlist tech talk, this is comment is probably preaching to the =
choir, but here's a maintenance basic worth accomplishing:
Now that the leaves are pretty well gone for the season, its time to clear =
out the ventilation air inlets before winter.  When the hood is open, remov=
e all the debris from near the fuse box and opposite side too (by hand or v=
acuum).  This area is definitely NOT self cleaning.   Leaves and such will =
clog the drains and can even cause water to travel into the passenger compa=
rtment if things get bad enough.  A few minutes mess before freezing may av=
oid an unpleasant winter surprise.

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