[200q20v] Was RE new 20v owner questions, now RE Bose Stereo

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 17 10:07:23 EST 2001

Linus, Taka,

Some pretty passionate responses, but I guess the spector of music can do
that to ya.  I don't want to start a pissing match here, but like I said, I
don't think it's as hideous as people say, but I do think it can be
improved.  Taka, if you weren't all the way on the east coast, I'd love to
hear what you have setup in your car, and if it's as good as you say, might
be worth the plane ride.  Sure, I don't like that fact that sometimes some
of the speakers cut out, and a swift kneeblow to the center console is
needed to reactivate the speakers (this is always good for a laugh); or when
the music is turned up to the upper end of the volume range, that the bass
response in the front speakers tends to bottom out, lending that good old
flapping in the wind sound; or that some times when the music is too loud,
the system will altogether clip, with the sound level dropping across the
frequency range; or that the rear speakers have been very persnickety of
late, sometimes not being altogether there, or for that matter lacking bass
response but hey, take a ride in a Ford Taurus, and then bemoan how poor of
a job Bose/Audi did.  I guess this is part of the "character" of my car, and
on the cost benefit scale, I'm willing to live with it.  I'm just not ready
to rip it all out, sit in a stereo shop listening to speakers in their
perfect enclosures, and go through the rewiring, cutting, and hacking on the
install side.

For what it's worth I've never been struck with how poor the sound quality
is after a rehearsal, gigging, or club watching experience, but then that's
just fuel to Linus ear hair theory.  I believe it's when compared to the
excelent concert venues that the system will lack in comparison.  According
to my experience though, if you're having a hard time hearing some of the
speakers, maybe I'm not the one that needs to see the audiologist. :)  Even
with all the loud music I've "tortured" myself with, hearing was still above
par at my last check.

After all of this though, I'll probably be writing tomorrow talking about
how my car was gutted by fire.

Derek Pulvino

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