[200q20v] Was RE new 20v owner questions, now RE Bose Stereo

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sat Nov 17 17:10:00 EST 2001

No offense taken- if this is not important to you, so be it. It _is_
a lot of work to replace the whole stereo system- believe me, I did
it over 3 days in 20-30 deg. F weather after X-Mas. Not fun at all.

After seeing two supposedly reputable shops hack apart several cars,
I won't have a car stereo shop ever work on my car again. Doing it
yourself is far more time consuming, although I really enjoyed the
of my labor.

Even with my very modest amplification (6x40W), I get plenty of volume
and no clipping or other problems. I plan on replacing my speakers with
some a/d/s or Focals later on down the road to get rid of the sibilance
that is present in my tweeters- not nearly as bad as the MB Quarts, but
bad enough. The a/d/s amp helped a lot in that regard already, compared
to my old Sony Xplod amp, even though that one was supposed to be 4x60W.


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