[200q20v] Pearl 200q in Philadelphia

Gorman, Ken (PA62) ken.gorman at honeywell.com
Mon Nov 19 07:44:10 EST 2001


That's me.  My wife and I were coming home from a wedding when I spotted
your Audi.  I'm always pointing out Audis to my wife.  As I got closer, I
noticed the flared wheel wells - a dead give-away that it's a 20v - and said
to my wife, "Hey - he's driving the same car I have."  I was pretty certain
it was you - we've exchanged e-mails before and I always keep my eye open
for a black 20v in the Philadelphia area.


91 200q20v

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Anyone on the list drive a '91 200q20v, Pearl White w/
Black interior? I honked and waved to you last night on
I-76W. Beautiful car. I was in my Black 200q20v.


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