[200q20v] Digital Camera Recommendations

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue Nov 20 13:44:09 EST 2001

At 1:11 PM -0500 11/20/01, copley one wrote:
>here's a mom and pop site that is TREMENDOUS for looking at cameras.
>we're on the prowl for one as well.

I agree with Paul about dpreview, and I would also add:


The Canon, Nikon and Olympus digicam suggestions made by Bill Rowe
are good ones. I'd add the Canon A20 to the list (at $359). $300 to
$400 can buy a lot of digicam nowadays, as long as your use is aimed
at web/email and/or prints below 8x10 size. If you're interested in
an inkjet printer mainly to print photos, I think that an Epson
Stylus Photo model (6-color), such as the SP 780 at $99 would produce
better photographic quality than any HP model. An HP inkjet might be
a better all-around choice if extensive text printing is also

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