[200q20v] Re: Digital Camera Recommendations - for documenting auto repairs?

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Tue Nov 20 16:40:14 EST 2001

Yeah, Peter-
Go get yourself at least a Nikon N65 with real Nikon lenses-
a 24-80mm and an 80-200mm will do nicely for the time being,
along with a dedicated Speedlight, loaded with Kodak Royal

Olympus, Nikon, Minolta and a few other companies make nice
negative scanners to convert to electronic form.

There's no substitute for a good film camera (yet) and good
film for taking those memorable photos. Even if you had a 5+
megapixel camera, the lens quality is inferior to even the
midline Nikon lenses and you need to invest in a very pricey
dye-sub printer to get decent prints- forget about anything
larger than 8x10.

You shouldn't skimp on those photos of your children- once they
grow up, they'll never be the same.


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