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Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Tue Nov 20 16:36:51 EST 2001

Scott, you're beating a dead horse with this guy.  Don't stand in the way
when a self appointed expert is patting himself on the back.


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> Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 17:12:47 EST
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> Subject: [200q20v] Re: Final thoughts on this caliper/rotor thing
> I'm the village idiot.  I also look at claims with numbers alot, always have
> on these lists (I love em), on this topic and your claim just created extra
> interest.  Michael to wit, using YOUR friggin numbers and claims from them:
> The PF pad you are about to install in a customer Big Red Caliper.  Let's run
> thru YOUR numbers at min spec on a 32mm rotor:
> PF pad as measured by MGW on 11.08.01
> 25% x 10.3mm pad = 2.575mm of pad x 2
> Add
> 5.2mm of backing plate x 2
> Add 30mm (min spec of Porsche rotor)
> 5.150mm + 10.4mm + 30mm = 45.55mm between pistons (your other math confuses
> me, this is simpler) at piston stop
> Stock Porsche 993tt pad as measured by STJ on 11.20.01
> Let's go to a porsche Textar pad with a 30mm Audi rotor:
> 25% x 10.3pad = 2.575mm of pad x 2
> add
> 5.2mm of backing plate x 2
> add
> 1.50mm of anti squeal plates x 2
> add
> 28mm min rotor spec
> So
> 5.150 + 10.4 + 3.0 + 28 = 46.55mm between pistons
> I look at the above vs your posts and propose that putting a PF rotor on a
> set of Big Reds attached to a porsche 32mm rotor assumes more risk of piston
> extension failure and boot failure than a Stock Textar pad on an Audi 30mm
> rotor.  Each piston at min spec will extend .5mm further on the min spec
> porsche setup running PF pads.
> MGW, THESE ARE YOUR NUMBERS NOT MINE. Stop scaring the trick or treaters.
> Ease up Michael, you *obviously* don't have any idea what I have done, I will
> tell you I service them all.  I don't care what you do or have done, you
> posted numbers, and claimed "risk".   Your claims aren't supported by the
> numbers, nee, just incomplete.  Do you need *me* to apologize to you?  If
> you'd like to make another claim, please feel free to post up those numbers.
> Right now, if you still believe your "claim" I'd advise that you either
> return the PF pads, or add A/S plates to them.  Obviously, based on your own
> numbers, if you've been putting PF pads in Big Reds with porsche rotors (and
> I know a bunch of porsche boys that do exactly this) without them, the audi
> guy with 30mm rotors and stock pads assumes less risk associated with piston
> extension.
> Michael, I didn't see any "Warniing:  You must install A/S plates or risk
> piston overextension" on the box of PF's in my shop.  How bout yours?
> I thoroughly enjoy readings of "what you can do" for how much.  You're right,
> it's not complicated.  I have seen many times over the years, that you get
> what you pay for.
> You crack me up.  Your claims don't, they just don't add up.  I won't attack
> you Michael, I'm happy to attack your claims if they are number based and
> don't support your conclusions.
> Scott Justusson
> QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
> Old big red 44tq
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