[s-cars] Re: [200q20v] Re: Digital Camera Recommendations - for documenting auto repairs?

Mark Turczyn mturczyn at mindspring.com
Wed Nov 21 17:57:16 EST 2001


I agree that film is still the way to go and with a good scanner you
are golden.  For that reason I still use my old film cameras but do
like my digital for many shots.

For action shots (which digital cameras are the pits) I use either my
old Nikon F or my oldie but goodie Pentex SF1.  For digital I love my
RICOH ROC-7.  It is the same size and shape as an old 110 (The 70's
box camera) but has a swivel out LCD.  This feature alows you to take
overhead or low shots just like the 990 but without the bulk that the
Nikon has.  It is very easy to use and while does not have the color
resolution of the Nikon 990 it is great for most every picture that
the current digital camera's are capable of dealing with.

My advice is not to overbuy a digital if you are going to just make
stills up to 4X6 or send over the internet.  Buy a nice small one and
the same time pick up a good scanner and printer for your film camera.
Mark Turczyn

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