[200q20v] one low boost idea...

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You have 3 possibilities:
a) Your car is chipped and have a 2.5 or 3.0 Bar boost sensor.
    A 2.5 give .7 Bar and 3.0   .6 Bar because.
The output voltage from the sensor is 4.9 or 5.0 Volt
for 2.0 Bar (original), 2.5 Bar or 3.0 Bar.
and no-one cares about telling the display about that.
With a IA III set You expect 2.3 Bar at max. and the
gauge will read 2.3/2.5 * 2.0 = 1.8 at max boost.
b) You live on a mountain where the pressure is lower
c) You have a misreading sensor/boost gauge


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> Dear Listers,
>     I'm sorry if It seems that i am beleaguring this topic, but I had a
> hypothesis about my car's reluctance to realize full boost (1.8 bar).
> 1.0 bar is normal atmospheric pressure, right?
> The highest reading my car will show is 1.5 bar.
> When the engine is off, the boost gauge reads 0.6 bar, signifigantly less
> than Atmospheric pressure, a vacuum.
> When the engine is not running, is it reasonable to say that it is not
> pulling any vacuum?
> if so, then...
> Would it make sense then to say that my boost gauge is calibrated  -.4 bar
> too low? or is this display of vacuum common on Audi 200q20v's?
> Thanks for your patience,
> Adam Chinchiolo
> 1991 200q20v (89k, Pearl White, grey sport seats, no mods....yet)
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