[200q20v] tail lights

Ian Sebastian Gall bh10422 at binghamton.edu
Thu Nov 22 13:02:10 EST 2001

The V8 tail lights look great, especially on the 20v seeing that I just
installed mine last night. If you have a chance to pick some up, you most
definately should.

One question to the lists though - In unscrewing the plate, one of the
retainer nuts has broken though the plastic of the lights.  It hasnt broken
a huge chunk out but it has carved a circle bigger than itself so that I'm
trying to figure out how to mount a 4th nut to keep the plate in. Anyone
have ideas?

BTW, I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Ian Gall
Binghamton, NY
91 200q20v
89 200q

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