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Thu Nov 22 18:57:29 EST 2001

Per the digital cameras stuff, my 2 cents:

http://www.steves-digicams.com/ is the best review guide on the web.
http://www.imaging-resource.com/ is a good general resource guide.
http://www.dcresource.com/ has a very useful Q&A buyer's guide to narrow the
choices down for you.

If you want a camera just for recording your work on the car, any 2
megapixel model will do - choose based on other factors.  Anything with more
resolution is a waste.
OTOH, for taking photos of family, I would go with a top of the line
consumer model, 4+ megapixel (in ten years, the shots will still look pretty
oldtech, but at least you'll be able to print out decent 8x10" prints.)
Shutter lag - having to wait for the camera to take the shot after you press
the button - happens with all consumer digital cameras; avoiding this means
buying a pro SLR digital, like the Nikon D1H.  This will cost you $5000
minimum-just for the camera body.  If you need action shots, and aren't a
pro, digital cameras aren't there yet.
Hope this helps.  Happy Thanksgiving, all.  Ron Merrell.


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