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I had these on my 4kturbo a couple years ago and had snow drop in
unexpectedly, they are NOT a good all season tire. They also do not claim to

I also ran them on the 200 in a 255/40-17. For the price that they are going
for they are a good summer tire that handle pretty good in the wet. 25k out
of a set of these is considered good.

Pete Kunlzer
Snohomish WA

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I've had them on my UrQ for the last 3 years, in 215/50/15.  The car has
mainly been used for QCUSA track events, and I've done 6.5 on these tyres.

For track purposes, while not up to the performance level of the DOT
"slicks" or even the newer ultra performance brands, they have still
performed very well and drawn extremely favourable comment from my
instructors.  They still have enough life for a few more events.

They are not at all bad in the rain, but I would not take them anywhere near
snow or the temperatures associated with it.  AFAIK they are simply not
designed for low temps.

They've worn well for me under pretty extreme conditions albeit on a lighter
less powerful car.

That said, if you want all season performance I would look elsewhere.

John Corbs

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>Hey all,
>Wondering if anybody out there is running the AVS Intermediates on their
>car, and if so what their impressions are.  Looks like they have pretty
>tread life, and might be um, less than ideal in the snow.
>Any input?  Looking for a 215/60 in a V rating, that hopefully won't be
>murder in the snow.
>Derek P
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