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Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Nov 28 02:18:40 EST 2001

At 2:15 PM -0600 11/27/01, Brian Link wrote:
>Guys, Do any of you have a value for how much the stock intercooler cools.
>  I'm looking for a rough ball park inlet/outlet temperature readings.   Or
>even better has someone pulled out mass flow values from the mas via the
>VAG or similar?

Sounds like you're looking for the efficiency rating and pressure
drop.  A search of the archives might turn up something.  It is, all
things considered, a pretty big unit, vastly superior to the
double-pass units in 10v cars, and the placement is pretty
good...lots of airflow through the front there.  A few people I've
discussed it with have said "nah, don't bother, it's fine for some
pretty high HP levels."

I've thought about the subject at great length, and there just
doesn't seem to be much extra room in any particular direction; as
is, the grille practically kisses the IC.  The only easy gain would
be to find a unit with better efficiency/lower pressure drop.

Keep in mind that a IC that lets more air flow through the outside
surface may affect the engine in other ways.  Ask someone like Eric
Fletcher, he seems to know quite a bit about aerodynamics in that
area(he once explained to me why removing the hood seal at the back
of the firewall would be a bad idea; turns out that's a high pressure
area, not a low pressure area like one might think.)

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