[200q20v] Is my stereo toast?

Tomsaudi200 at aol.com Tomsaudi200 at aol.com
Wed Nov 28 02:35:12 EST 2001

I know I've been complaining that my speakers have been emitting a sniper
like noise, or a tendency to buzz at any sort of rock music or baritone radio
commentator. Now, my head unit is just cutting out at random. By this, I mean
lights out, no sound, nothing. The display goes blank, sound goes dead.
Several attempts to turn the stereo back on usually fail, but not always.

I guess I need someone to tell me that basically my car's stereo is cooked,
that I need a new head unit and speakers. Last spring, I spent good money to
replace a diode for my amp. That fixed the problem for awhile, now a host of
other problems have surfaced. A lack of funds, as well as the pending Audi
North America recall of the Bose unit has kept me at bay, but right now it
appears I am screwed.

I am surprised, and a bit disappointed. I use my home Bose bookshelf speakers
everynight all night to watch TV, and they work as well as when I bought them
in 1987. Given that, I cannot explain why I have had so much trouble with my
Bose system in a car that is four years younger , and especially with a car
that has low miles.

All advice will be appreciated...


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