[200q20v] CA court rules message board postings "opinions" not fact

David Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Wed Nov 28 19:29:41 EST 2001

Damn - now where did I put my qual card for 'jackmanship'?
I can say when young I ignored my dad's warnings of not putting my hands
on the top of the tire to remove it - until the jack slipped on the '57
Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Limosine mit 392 hemi.
Didn't do that anymore...

Brett Dikeman wrote:
My personal thought...while this addresses issues relating to

> liability and slander, what about negligence?(say, if I were to
> advise someone to jack their car up and work under the car with just
> the jack, ie "not bother with those silly safety precautions" and the
> guy gets zonked*)
> I'm divided on the topic myself; on one hand, people shouldn't give
> out advice unless they're qualified, but OTOH, you should be taken
> out of the gene pool if you just take the word of some goofball with
> a computer :-)

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