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Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Nov 28 23:46:21 EST 2001

At 11:56 AM -0500 11/28/01, TM wrote:
>I don't know that the BIRA systems are inferior to the UFOs,
>even System 1. Maybe Scott J. or someone can pull out their
>calipers, measure the swept areas and compare. :-)
>Rotor size is roughly equal.

Sure, that's what I mean.  I would not say "inferior", that's not the
right word at all.  Equal's more like it.  "At worst you'll match the
performance of the UFOs" means that at worse, you'll end up with the
amount of braking Audi originally intended.

>When I get my caliper brackets and rotors, I'll let everyone
>know how System 2/3 compares to the UFOs.

That would be great...I haven't seen many direct comparisons.  I
drove Greg's car once for about 20 min, and it felt very similar
except for what felt like very even and fine control on his car.

   Obviously rotors are cheaper, but it takes a number of rotors to
offset the cost of the upgrade, and UFO rotors do seem to last
-quite- a long time, ignoring the mild warping that comes+goes.  I
think I've probably got well over 60k miles on the current rotors on
the car.  Bira doesn't seem to really be intended for UFO equipped
cars; Greg's mission was to do it for the G60 caliper-equipped
200q20vs/S-cars etc.  It also happens to price very favorably with
many other brake upgrade kits for various cars.

Let's be clear...I'm a big fan of BIRA.  I consider Greg a friend,
and he(and now others with him) has done great things with those
crazy brackets.  I recommend BIRA upgrades to people I hear groaning
about prices for big brake upgrades and so on, I've even lent a hand
where I could; the pictures of the original System1 on his car were
taken by me @ Mt Washington a year or two back.


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