[200q20v] Re: Evans Coolant NPG+

Eric Fletcher S.O.C. steadi at mediaone.net
Wed Nov 28 21:58:23 EST 2001

On 11/28/01 9:34 PM, "Brett Dikeman" <brett at cloud9.net> wrote:

> Any thoughts?  I remember a few listers spoke vehemently against
> using NPG, and I -think- it was because of the viscosity problem.
> Well, if they've fixed that, is it worth a go?
> Oh...and I nearly fainted at the price.  Quantities up to 3 gallons,
> $25/gal.  That's some pricey coolant.  It will last the lifetime of
> the car, and one of the toted benefits is a zero-pressure system that
> supposedly makes heater cores etc last longer; if it prevents a
> heater core meltdown, it could easily pay for itself.
> Thoughts? Opinions?  Experiences(with the NPG+ that is)?

Yeah it doesn't work in a Audi. I tried it, I wanted it to work, It doesn't
work. It's too thick and the Audi water pump doesn't push enough of it at
low RPM (2000 and less) to cool the engine.

Don't do it. Save your self the trouble and heartache.

You've been warned  :)

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