[200q20v] Re: Evans Coolant NPG+

Eric Fletcher S.O.C. steadi at mediaone.net
Wed Nov 28 22:21:51 EST 2001

On 11/28/01 10:15 PM, "Brett Dikeman" <brett at cloud9.net> wrote:

> At 9:58 PM -0800 11/28/01, Eric Fletcher S.O.C. wrote:
>> Yeah it doesn't work in a Audi. I tried it, I wanted it to work, It doesn't
>> work. It's too thick and the Audi water pump doesn't push enough of it at
>> low RPM (2000 and less) to cool the engine.
> NPG+ doesn't work?  Or NPG?  NPG+ is, from what I can see, quite new,
> and it's half the viscosity.
> I remember you were one of the people that originally replied back
> when I was thinking about this whole thing a year or two ago,
> presumably when NPG+ didn't exist.

I don't know if it was NPG or NPG+ but damn whatever it was it SUCKED. I
wouldn't run anything they make after that experience.

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