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Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Thu Nov 29 01:28:57 EST 2001

At 1:02 AM -0500 11/29/01, Huw Powell wrote:
>  > Any thoughts?  I remember a few listers spoke vehemently against
>>  using NPG, and I -think- it was because of the viscosity problem.
>>  Well, if they've fixed that, is it worth a go?
>I thought the big issue was that the stuff was flammable?

Hmm...a quick search w/google turns up some MSDS sheets.
Flammability rating is 1, which I guess means it burns.

A different search, specifically on evans coolant, found a review on
evan's own website:

"Like a beautiful woman with a dorky laugh, there are downsides to
Evans' coolant. Wrecks happen and this coolant is only slightly
quicker to clean up than regular antifreeze.  It's also flammable.
"It burns like Sterno," said Pressley, who discussed the situation of
one racer who said the coolant caught fire on his dirt car.  "Since
they weren't running an overflow can, they left the fitting for the
overflow line open on the intake manifold's water neck-cap
combination. So the coolant sprayed onto the headers."

That team's engine builder confirmed the story. He explained that
many dirt track racers let their overflow spill to the track. He said
their problems started with a defective conventional-style radiator.
When the coolant was pumped out of the fitting, it had a direct shot
to the headers. Pressley claimed that, when properly handled, their
coolant is no more likely to catch fire than regular antifreeze. "

I couldn't find much on the NPG+ stuff which is a different mixture,
not pure ppg.

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