[200q20v] Re: [s-cars] upgrade advice

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Thu Nov 29 11:06:03 EST 2001

When you're cruising on the highway, I agree. However, in general, I'm
with Brett on this one. If you have more power and greater accelerative
ability, you find yourself doing a lot more braking as you drive in the

I have not cooked my brakes in any of our cars, but have come close in
the A4 and have cooked my friend's Maxima's brakes once- man was that
scary- hit the brakes, nothing, again, nothing- jam on the brakes
really hard, finally car starts to slow. I don't think he ever bled the
brake system or one of the calipers was dragging.

Because of the brakes, I never really pushed the 5ktq that hard in the
I still won't in the 200, even though as you say, I can lock the brakes
in the dry- did that last weekend when an idiot talking on her cell
crossed two lanes of traffic right before a toll plaza, nearly took me
and continued across while talking on her cell phone. All the more
reason why
I need an M1A2 Abrams tank for regular driving (w/o speed governor, of
and an SJM chip for the turbine).


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