[200q20v] New 200Q 20V owner / defrost questions

Craig Spaeth spaeth at gorge.net
Thu Nov 29 23:18:05 EST 2001

I finally sold my 87 VW Quantum Syncro with the 10V turbo motor in it
and my wife and I picked up a 91 Alpine white with Tan 200q Turbo
w/130,000miles. I have been lurking on your helpful list but have come
up with a few questions. First off the defrost setting on the heater
seems to fog the windows and then clear them out eventually. We just got
a foot of snow and I was out playing when a car sprayed me going the
other way this caused the windows to instantly fog and took forever to
clear. Any tips or places to look for solutions?
This car also came with the Wetterauer 2.5 bar chip installed. The
digital dash guage only goes up to 1.5 and sometimes 1.6. I have managed
to get it to squeak up to 1.8 but only rarely (twice in the 6 months we
have owned the car). I read the earlier comment about this chip not
being very reliable. Is there an easy way to tell if it is the boost or
the guage? With the 2.5 bar chip what should the boost go up to, reading
on Scott Mockry's site leads me to believe a reading of slightly under
2.5 is OK but 1.5 seems really low. The car appears to be plenty fast
but if there is more in there it would be nice to utilize it.
Lastly I am used to older VW's and have not owned anything with ABS. Do
you usually run with the ABS on or off in really slick conditions? It
feels more natural for me to have it off but it might just be my
mistrust of being out of my control.
thanks in advance,
Craig Spaeth
the Gorge VW club
ps - I am not subbed on the list yet so if you could p-mail it would be

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