[s-cars] Re: [200q20v] chip question

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Fri Nov 30 14:55:53 EST 2001

There's no way that a chip is only doing a 10hp gain. It sounds to me
like your car, Chris, is not operating correctly. My car is a monster
the boost comes on- it makes 1st gear very short if I accelerate full
throttle from a rolling start. I gave the 928S4 driver a surprise when
got upset that I stopped to merge onto the highway (with a yield sign),
rolled forward upon seeing an opening and punched it- I disappeared
quickly, something I'm sure he wasn't expecting. With 6000 rpm upshifts,
I could get to 80 rather quickly.

Anyone notice a change in the sound of the bypass valve when using an
aftermarket valve under full load acceleration? I'm hearing a distinct
pshhhh sound on my full throttle upshifts from 1-2 and 2-3 from a
start. Kind of neat, actually, not as obnoxious as those blowoff valves.
I hope this doesn't mean that I killed my Bailey.


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