[200q20v] Re: [s-cars] upgrade advice

Kirby Smith kirby.a.smith at verizon.net
Fri Nov 30 19:44:14 EST 2001

Normal mode is 20 mph over except in school zones, areas with
crosswalks, and speed traps.  With the tires I use (except winter)
braking in the twisties is not needed, only tolerance for lateral g's.
More than that speed differential and my margin for avoiding accidents
is reduced below that of the drunks the speed limits are designed for.

kirby, unpursuaded, but appreciative of your advice.

TM wrote:
> Kirby,
> When you're cruising on the highway, I agree. However, in general, I'm
> with Brett on this one. If you have more power and greater accelerative
> ability, you find yourself doing a lot more braking as you drive in the
> twisties.
> I have not cooked my brakes in any of our cars, but have come close in
> the A4 and have cooked my friend's Maxima's brakes once- man was that
> scary- hit the brakes, nothing, again, nothing- jam on the brakes
> really,
> really hard, finally car starts to slow. I don't think he ever bled the
> brake system or one of the calipers was dragging.
> Because of the brakes, I never really pushed the 5ktq that hard in the
> twisties.
> I still won't in the 200, even though as you say, I can lock the brakes
> up
> in the dry- did that last weekend when an idiot talking on her cell
> phone
> crossed two lanes of traffic right before a toll plaza, nearly took me
> out
> and continued across while talking on her cell phone. All the more
> reason why
> I need an M1A2 Abrams tank for regular driving (w/o speed governor, of
> course,
> and an SJM chip for the turbine).
> Taka

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