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>  don't know where the tuners get that "277hp" claim.  It certainly
> doesn't feel like a 60 hp (50hp for the S4/S6 people) increase.  I think
> in reality you get 250hp (30hp), maybe a little less.
> I'd love to see a test on a 1/4 (or the Nurburgring if you have
> problems with the sociological implications of visiting a drag
> strip) especially with an S4 of stock chip vs. aftermarket.  I've ridden
> in a '95.5 S6a w/ and w/o a chip and I couldn't feel the difference, with
> the factory providing "overboost."  With our 3B cars maybe the effect is
> better because of no overboost, but I'm not sure.

3O hp, sure, after you've smoked your turbo from boosting it so much!  If
your getting that little increase in power, then something else is amiss
(like maybe a bad bypass valve or frequency valve, but those would be pretty
noticeable.  It is possible to measure these things, but care must be taken
and four wheel dynos are required.  Ask Scott J. How much a certain
highly-modified S6 did recently :-).  For the 3B motors a 2.5 pressure
transducer along with chip reprogram brings out the real power.  But I'd only
really trust Ned Ritchie, Anderson Bros or Hoppen to do it right.

Just my .02

'91 200q20v with a few mods...+'83 Urq

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