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Stock for the 200 should be about 1.8 bar (about 11 psig). I just got a IA
stage III+. In talking to Ned, he said his stage III should produce about 18
psig, and the stage III+, 22 psig. My S4 with a Wetterauer chip produces 21
psig. Remember, there are many conditions that can affect boost, including
failing components and air leaks. As far as I understand, with a 2.5
pressure transducer in the ECU, the max boost you can get is 22psig. Ned
also said, that is all the K24 will produce. Feel free to correct me if I'm

94 UrS4 mit Wett stage I
91 200 TQA mit IA stage III+
and pleased with both.........

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Well, 23-24psi of boost is much more than I am getting with the Tap chip. I
am only getting 13-15 psi, many times it hits a lull and locks on 10psi. and
seems to get stuck there, like the wastegate or valve is stuck when going
hard into 2ng gear, shifting into third it runs right up to 14-15 psi. Does
this sound right?
Guess its time to call IA.

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